ElektroStoffV - EU Declaration of Conformity (standardized form)

The form proposed by VERE and take-e-way to issue an EU declaration of conformity in accordance with the new ElektroStoffV ordinance complies with the requirements of Attachment VI of the 2011/65/EU (RoHS) directive.
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take-e-way welcomes the modifications of the types of equipment in the field of lamps

take-e-way welcomes the announcements of the Foundation EAR to register the environmentally-friendly LEDs separately from the suboptimal gas discharge lamps.
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Important change in the category 5 “lighting equipment” – Modifications of the B2C types of equipment having enormous advantages for manufacturers of LEDs

Manufacturers, importers and distributers of LEDs and all other lamps except from gas discharge lamps will profit twice from August 1st on.
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