Podium discussion, Tipi am Kanzleramt Berlin
2022 - The Future of Product Responsibility - 8. November 2022


The Future of Product Responsibility

At the end of a year 2022 that will be significantly shaped by the topic of “EPR”, we will join you in Berlin/Germany to look into the future of product responsibility directly in front of the Federal Chancellery, free of charge for VERE members, take-e-way and trade-e-bility customers as well as partners, authorities and associations. As the number of places is limited, please register at your earliest convenience.
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Spain: VERE opposes country-specific packaging labelling

As an association especially representing the interests of producers in terms of fair competition, VERE e.V. calls on the EU Commission to intervene and reject the development towards country-specific labelling and regulations that hinder the free movement of goods in the EU's internal market.
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The VERE association supports EU consultation on the Toys Directive

In all well-intentioned efforts to increase the protection goals of the Toys Directive, the concerns of SMEs must also be taken into account. In addition, the VERE association commented on the problem of manual signatures in the declaration of conformity.
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No fear of market surveillance thanks to technical documentation

In the interests of its members, the association VERE e.V. has discussed with AAMÜ representatives (AAMÜ = Market Surveillance Committee) of Baden-Württemberg/Germany whether there can be differences in the assessment of the technical documentation of an SME or a large-cap company, respectively what scope the AAMÜ perceives in this regard.
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Toys Directive: Your opinion is needed

The association VERE e.V. will participate in the EU consultation on the Toys Directive in the interests of its more than 3,900 members and asks for your opinion. We will make an overall statement as an association from your submissions. Please send your submissions to info@vereev.de by no later than 26 October 2021
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Save 20 per cent on copyright fees on smartwatches, hard drives and external disk burners

As a member of the association VERE e.V., you can become a party to an overall agreement as a distributor of products subject to copyright fees under the Copyright Act (UrhG) and save 20 per cent of the copyright fees payable.
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Regulatory challenges in trade with China

Diverging standards, double certification requirements or unclear regulatory procedures can limit the ability of companies to integrate their global value chains and are often a hurdle for market entry and trade in China. In cooperation with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), the VERE association provides a first insight into the challenges that arise in this context and lays a foundation for further in-depth discussions.
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WEEE Germany: "Free riders" to be deprived of market access

Operators of electronic marketplaces and fulfilment service providers are to establish in future whether the manufacturers of the products sold on their platform are registered with the EAR Foundation (German WEEE registration board). No manufacturer is to be allowed to enter the market without meeting its obligations. Competitive disadvantages for manufacturers who behave in a legally compliant manner are to be avoided.
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EU Battery Regulation: VERE Association issues statement

On 19 March 2021, the Association for Take-back and Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (VERE e.V.) submitted its opinion on the draft Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on batteries and waste batteries (EU Battery Regulation) to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU). VERE urgently recommends taking the realities of the market and the possibilities of the vast majority of today's players into account.
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VERE Christmas Courier 2020

We wish you and your families a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year full of new options we would like to make use of together with you – for your pleasure of legal and environmentally friendly sales.
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