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2022 - The Future of Product Responsibility - 8. November 2022


VERE welcomes ElektroG3 draft as basically sensible and target-oriented

On 15 October 2020, the VERE Association submitted its statement to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment on the draft bill of a First Act to Amend the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (“ElektroG3 draft bill”). VERE’s requests for amendment are quite manageable, since VERE considers the draft to be basically sensible and target-oriented; the bureaucratic effort is at least not much greater and there are opportunities to establish a qualitatively and quantitatively sophisticated collection and recycling/reuse system featuring increased market fairness.
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EU action plan of the recycling industry: VERE e.V. advises policymakers to ensure fair competition

On 11 March 2020, the EU Commission submitted an updated action plan for the recycling industry as part of the EU industrial strategy. VERE e.V. has begun alerting political decision-makers to the need to implement the planned measures under the aspect of maintaining fair competition.
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Revocation of the finding that a common collection system has been established for device batteries

The BMU, in coordination with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, has revoked the statement issued on 1 December 2009 to the effect that a joint take-back system for device batteries had been established.
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VERE Christmas Courier 2019

We wish you and your families a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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Acknowledgement: 2020 – the next generation of product responsibility

On 12 November 2019, the VERE Association, together with take-e-way GmbH, hosted by far the largest product responsibility forum of its kind.
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VERE General Meeting 2019

We look forward to your acceptance of our invitation. Please register as follows no later than Monday, 9 September 2019.
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Notice: Consumers report geoblocking to the German Federal Network Agency

In Germany, the Federal Network Agency has paved the way for consumers to be able to complain about geoblocking practices.
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VERE's new telephone numbers

Here you will find your direct contact with the respective extension so that you can be advised quickly and competently by us at any time.
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EU Commission responds to proposals by VERE members

The VERE Association endorses the new commission implementing regulation (EU) 2019/290 establishing the format for registration and reporting of producers of electrical and electronic equipment to the register as a step in the right direction.
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Packaging Act: LUCID registration without Dual System? take-e-way provides help

take-e-way points out that, following the LUCID registration, the planned quantities contracted with a Dual System for 2019 must be reported immediately in LUCID, plus the packaging quantities for 2018, which must be reported by 30 April.
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