WEEE: Are your device types correct and complete?

In the course of the amendment to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG = German WEEE conversion), a conversion of categories and device types was necessary last year.

We have provided extensive information in this regard and made an appropriate device type tool available to you.

In the course of random sample checks on our part and by the German WEEE registration board / EAR foundation (reconciliation of new device types with the producers' websites or old device descriptions), it was however discovered that errors had been made, on a number of occasions, in the changeover to incorrect classifications in the new device types, or additionally necessary device types were missing. In the worst case scenario, missing or incorrect device types may lead to the latter not appearing in the publicly accessible producer register when your devices are reviewed by competitors, customers or public authorities, which may lead to a subsequent injunction or you may face regulatory offence proceedings.

As part of the transfer of the device types, you have stated that the automatic transfer of the EAR foundation is sufficient for your case.
We would therefore advise you to check all your devices again to see if the correct device type has been selected and/or if a device type is missing.
You can find the following tools here:

  1. Check in which device types you are currently registered. (Your current device types (B2C) can be found in the customer portal under "Reports"): kundenportal.take-e-way.de/Public/index/en-gb
  2. With this in mind, check whether your devices are correctly and completely registered using the device type assignment from the EAR foundation: www.stiftung-ear.de/de/herstellerbevollmaechtigte/kategorien/geraetearten
  3. For the classification of your individual devices to the respective device types, please use this assignment tool: kundenportal.take-e-way.de/Public/ReorderDevice

If all your devices have been correctly and completely assigned, then there will be no need for any action.

Should you be uncertain when classifying your devices please contact our consulting department by calling +49/40/750687-111 or sending an e-mail message to service@take-e-way.com. We are happy to help!

Christoph Brellinger

Christoph Brellinger
Executive secretary

Phone: +49 40 750687-200