LEDs – Change in the duty to register for distribution of lamps

Hamburg/Fürth – Since July 21st, 2010 there is no longer a duty to register lamps according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (WEEE) if their illuminants (LEDs) are fixed built in the devices, not replaceable and intended to be used in households. In this case, these illuminants are no longer considered to be “gas discharge lamps” of the category 5 (lights), since they are part of the device. This way they are no longer subject of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. Thus the German register board EAR complied with our request to allow standard administrative practice.

The new directive concerns for instance flashlights (pocket lights) intended to be used in households, work lights, headlights, bicycle lights, ceiling lights and (Christmas) chains of lights with built-in, not replaceable LEDs.

Suppliers, importers and manufacturers who are now exempted from the duty to register due to this innovation can apply informally free of charge for the cancellation of their corresponding registration at the German register board EAR. Accordingly, these lights must no longer be considered for the monthly quantity declaration.

Please pay attention: For all companies distributing lamps beside the lamps with fixed built-in and not replaceable LEDs the duty to register exists further on. LED lamps equipped with standardized lamp sockets which the user inserts himself into the lamp holder and which replace common lamps (e. g. "retrofit lamps"), are further on subject of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act.

We already informed separately all concerned take-e-way customers. Of course, we will be glad to answer all your questions under phone number +49(0)40/750687-111.

Christoph Brellinger

Christoph Brellinger
Executive secretary

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